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13 Ways to Kill Your Community - Virtual Training - June 9, 2021

The Western Piedmont Council of Governments welcomes Doug Griffiths for a special training of “13 Ways to Kill Your Community.” This event is open to anyone who has a stake in or wants to learn how to productively shape the future growth, health and prosperity of the region and its communities. AICP credits will also be available for this event. Based on Doug’s bestselling book, 13 Ways to Kill Your Community, the presentation is sometimes startling and often revelatory. Doug’s conversational style makes every member of the audience feel he is speaking directly to them about their own community. The anecdotes are delivered with both wit and wisdom, and in a way that ensures audience members are inspired and confident in their role to make their community, organization, or business successful. Attendees will: · Feel inspired and motivated; · Find a renewed sense of ownership and responsibility toward the community in which they live; · Recognize the challenges their community faces, and the reasons why it is challenged; · Receive Basic tools to begin moving their community toward success · Laugh

Online Registration is available now The last day to register is June 7 $50/person | Payment online at time of registration. Questions about the event? Please contact Elizabeth Hilliard at



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