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Our Vision


The vision of the WPCOG Code Enforcement Division is to promote and maintain a safe and desirable living and working environment throughout the Municipalities. We will strive to maintain and improve the quality of each community by administering fair and unbiased enforcement of State laws and local ordinances to correct violations and reduce hazards that create blight and adversely affect the quality of life of residents and guests.

Code Compliance


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Goals & Objectives


  • Public Awareness of the New Code Enforcement Division- Educate the community regarding the new Code Enforcement Division adopted by the town. Inform the community on the benefits of the newly adopted codes concerning public health, safety and welfare through municipality led public announcements (newspaper, multimedia, or town website), open seminars led by Code Enforcement Officer in a public venue, informative handouts, and through proactive code enforcement. This will lead to home/property owners becoming self-compliant without notifications or citations.


  • Minimum Housing Residential/Non-Residential & Abandoned Mobile Homes- Prevent neglected, deteriorated property by repairing or demolishing at owners expense. Focus on in-field inspections on a weekly basis.


  • Abandon Nuisance and Junk Motor Vehicles- To remove vehicles that fall into this category and obtain compliance from individuals by working with them on a case-by-case basis. Strongly advising those in violation to correct without citations. All non-compliant individuals will have vehicles towed at their expense.


  • Nuisance- Prevent and remove junk, trash, debris, as to its effects on the appearance, quality of life within the neighborhood and overall property value. Sustain a clean, habitable city environment through an all-inclusive commitment to inspect and maintain a healthy community.

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