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Administrative & Financial Services

Our Mission


Administrative support services enable the WPCOG staff to perform their jobs with ease and efficiency. In addition to providing daily support services, the administrative staff coordinates activities of the Policy Board, Executive Committee, and several committees of elected and appointed officials. 


The finance department manages the agency's pass through funds totaling more than $13 million and supervises the intricacies of a $19 million budget which includes 100 different contracts with local, state and federal agencies and private firms. WPCOG FAQ


The financial department also offers financial administration for local governments.


This service:

  • Increases accountability

  • Provides continuity of staff

  • Saves limited tax dollars

  • Provides technical expertise and segregation of duties

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Navigate Services

Intergovernmental Coordination


The WPCOG hosts regular meetings with member government staff and elected officials. Occasionally, a speaker is invited to present a topic of interest to the group. More often, the meetings provide an opportunity for the participants to discuss mutual concerns or new programs and initiatives. 


Bimonthly meetings are scheduled for City and County Managers and Clerks, as well as County Commission Chairmen and Managers. Staff meets quarterly with Mayors/Chairmen/City-County Managers and Economic Developers, and periodically with Finance Officers and Planners. The WPCOG also hosts an annual meeting for all elected and chief administrative officials.

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