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Our Mission


The WPCOG GIS/Data Services division is a central resource of geographic information for the Western Piedmont Region. The WPCOG provides a variety of digital mapping solutions,  geospatial data services, and demographic data for member governments and other public and private agencies. The GIS/Data Services division maintains an extensive library of local, county, regional, and statewide datasets to support numerous WPCOG projects.

GIS Services



We can create maps tailored for a business, non-profit, or governmental organization. The maps can be from 8 ½” x 11” up to 4’ x 3’, color or black-and-white, and in any file format you need. We also have access to building permit, employment, and social-economic data for the Greater Hickory Metro area. Data Center staff provides assistance in locating and analyzing demographics for local governments, non profits and the private sector.


Our GIS service uses ESRI’s SDE(Spatial Database Engine) with SQL Server to provide true enterprise database solutions. The SDE environment is designed to handle large datasets efficiently in a multi-user environment. SDE is designed to provide secure, high performance database access to your GIS desktop or internet applications. GIS has a Crystal XL 42 Large Format Scanner which can be used on documents up to 42 inches wide and .6” thick. It scans up to 2400 dpi in both color and grayscale. GIS has a large format scanner which can be used on documents up to 36 inches wide. It scans up to 600 dpi in both color and grayscale. The following output file formats are supported: JPEG (.jpg), PDF (.pdf), and TIFF (.tif).

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