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Executive Searches

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The WPCOG Administrative staff lead by the Executive Director and Administrative Services & Human Resources Manager regularly conduct executive searches for our local governments to fill important and high profile positions. We have extensive experience facilitating the hiring of personnel including Town Managers, Town Administrators, Community and Regional Planners and more. This service is conducted with the highest level of integrity and confidentiality. We are available through every step of the process including: writing and distributing job announcements, reviewing incoming resumes, focusing your list of potential candidates, interviews and providing an objective and non-bias assessment of final candidates.


If your municipality or county needs assistant locating a qualified candidate, or assistance through any or all stages of the hiring process, please contact:


For Town, City or County Managers and Administrators

Anthony Starr, WPCOG Executive Director
828.485.4272 |


For Department heads or other professional positions:

David Pugh, WPCOG Administrative Services & Human Resources Manager
828.485.4221 |


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