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City of Hickory GIS


WPCOG has also created web mapping applications in ArcGIS Online which allows City staff from various departments to view and edit features of the City's infrastructure. WPCOG also houses Hickory’s GIS data and hosts the information through the Local Area Network (LAN) and the internet.

Greenway Transportation Publicly-Accessible Mobile Application


In 2015, WPCOG staff used GIS information to create a web-map application for Greenway Transportation which can be used by bus dispatchers and the public at-large to find the location, schedule and details for each stop.  The application is customized to function on all Android and iOS (Apple) smartphones and tablets, as well as on the browsers of personal computers.  Users of the application can find their location on their mobile device using GPS or an address search-box on a PC, and then determine the closest bus route and stop.  Users may select any stop to see its individual schedule and to learn which route or routes visit there.  The application can be accessed on mobile devices or on PC's by visiting and clicking on the map in the center of the site.







Greenway Public Transportation - Creating a Publicly Available Web Application for Fixed-route Bus Services

Mapping Incidence of Chronic Diseases in Burke County


In 2015, WPCOG staff worked with Carolinas HealthCare System Blue Ridge-Morganton to map chronic diseases in Burke County. WPCOG Staff geocoded addersses of households where a least one family member has diabetes, COPD, asthma, hypertension or cancer. Once geocoded, the mapped disease data is converted to sub-county level coverages for privacy purposes. Theses spatial files are now being used to identify the concentrations of chronic disease incidence in Burke County. The partnership was created through a Healthy Places Burke County Asset mapping project funded by a grant from the Kate B. Reynolds Foundation. The project is still ongoing.

Burke County Community Assets Mapping Project - Presentation

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City of Morganton GIS

From 2005 to 2013, the IT/GIS section of WPCOG created a full GIS for the City of Morganton.  In the field, staff used GPS receivers to map the entire water, sewer, stormwater and electrical features in the City and its ETJ (Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction).  All collected information was placed into a centralized database, which was accessible to the City's planning, engineering and utility departmental staff.  In addition, all paper records of utility locations (known as "as-builts") were scanned, georeferenced and placed into the GIS.  In 2013, the City took over maintenance of the completed GIS and it has become an integral part of local planning and utility management.



Alexander County Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

In 2014, WPCOG worked with Alexander County EMS to perform a site selection process for a new EMS station.  WPCOG reviewed variables such as estimated response times at various locations throughout the County and determined how many County residents would be served by each, in conjunction with two existing EMS stations.  The results of the study helped Alexander County to select the best site for the new station.







Town of Valdese Cemetery Mapping

In 2006, WPCOG performed an thorough satellite and photographic inventory of the public cemetery managed by the Town of Valdese.  Information about each grave was entered into a GIS, and an internet-accessible interface was created for the Town.  In 2014, the field data was updated, and WPCOG staff created a web-application which allows the Town to view and edit secure cemetery data in real-time from either a PC or a mobile tablet or smartphone.  The Town uses it to keep track of new grave locations and their financial status.  WPCOG also created a publicly-accessible application which allows open access to the location of any desired grave, also on PC or mobile device.

Alexander County Emergency Medical Services Response Time Analysis - Presentation


City of Hickory Stormwater Mapping

From 2008 to 2009, a team of five WPCOG employees conducted a comprehensive GPS collection of all stormwater features within the City of Hickory.  The collected features were all placed into the City's secure GIS with other utilities.  Since that time, City employees have collected new and altered features in the field, while WPCOG staff have continued to administer the GIS.







City of Claremont Utility Mapping

From 2011 to 2012, WPCOG staff conducted a comprehensive field collection of water and sewer features for the City of Claremont.  The collected features were placed into a secure GIS which is accessible on PC to personnel at City Hall and the Public Works station.  Four editable map-books of the entire City were created and were placed in City vehicles so that features could be located in the field.



Town of Maiden Stormwater Mapping

From 2010 to 2011, WPCOG staff conducted a comprehensive field collection of stormwater features for the Town of Maiden.  The collected features are being updated and incorporated into the comprehensive utilities GIS for the Town which is currently being built by WPCOG staff.

Stormwater Regulations & Mapping - Hickory

The Western Piedmont Council of Governments shall serve all local government members in Alexander, Burke, Caldwell and Catawba Counties with professional, cost-effective assistance on a variety of local, regional, state and federal issues and programs.

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