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WPCOG and NCDOT to collect travel data from Catawba Valley households

The Western Piedmont Council of Governments (WPCOG) and the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) are kicking off a 13 week household travel survey that will provide vital information necessary to set transportation priorities for the next 20 years. The survey, Catawba Valley Connection, will be conducted by Westat, a nationally recognized research firm, on behalf of WPCOG and NCDOT.

Transportation agencies will use the data to better understand changes in household travel and project citizens' future travel needs. This is the first time this type of survey has been done for the Greater Hickory MPO, making vital to our area’s future transportation improvements.

"The Catawba Valley Connection survey will paint a picture of why people travel and how they plan their daily travel activities," said State Transportation Rep Daniel Sellers. "It will provide WPCOG and its transportation partners with up-to-date information to identify where to invest limited transportation resources."

Beginning this week and continuing throughout the next 13 weeks, randomly selected households will receive a letter inviting household members to participate in the study by providing some demographic information and filling out a travel diary. The diary will detail household activities for 24 hours; information can be provided online or by phone. The information provided will be converted to statistical data and used only for study purposes. All information will remain confidential.

"Public participation is the key to effective transportation planning," said John Marshall, WPCOG Director of Planning & Transportation. "These households will share information that will result in easier and safer travel, less congestion and more access and choices for every citizen in the valley."

For more information about the survey, call 855-631-2701 or visit


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