WPCOG Office Access and COVID 19 Response

Due to the global outbreak of COVID-19, access to WPCOG office is limited to those who are not experiencing any symptoms or have not been in close contact with those that may be infected. Anyone with a fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat or other signs of respiratory illness, please refrain from coming to the WPCOG offices. You may contact us via phone (828) 322-9191 or through our website www.wpcog.org for assistance. We appreciate your cooperation for the safety of our staff and other visitors.

RHA Staff:

Fax: 828.322.5991

Mailing address:


PO Box 9026

Hickory, NC 28603

RHA Director

Stephanie B. Hanvey



By Khang – 828.485.4236


FSS Coordinator

Kim Duncan – 828.485.4299


Annual Recertification

JoAnn Parlier – 828.485.4247


Housing Specialists:

Alexander & Catawba County

Kala Guido – 828.485.4282


Special Programs – Portability & FUP

Alexander and Catawba County

Elizabeth Moncrief – 828.485.4244


Burke and Caldwell Counties

Ashley Dale – 828.485.4227


Waiting List

Sharday Black – 828.485.4241


Regional Housing Authority Staff would like to encourage all Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) clients to submit requested documentation by fax, mail or email. HCV clients with specific deadlines, are required to submit documentation by due dates. However, if your family is unable to fax, mail or email documentation, please contact your worker to discuss alternative methods to submitting documentation. Please be in communication with your worker to discuss extended deadlines on a case by case basis. If any household member is disabled or requires a specific accommodation in order to fully utilize our programs and services, or to complete necessary paperwork, please contact us by phone or email.


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