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All waiting lists for the Western Piedmont Regional Housing Authority are currently closed. If you have already applied, you may check your application status or update your address at The same link can be used to check application status or update your address.


Please understand that our only method of communication with waiting list applicants is by mail. Therefore, it is critical that we have the most up to date mailing address.

Since the demand for housing assistance often exceeds the limited resources available to HUD and the local housing agencies, long waiting periods are common.


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Waiting List Address Change


If you have already applied and would like to update your address, please complete and submit the contact form on the right.


If you do not have email access call Elizabeth Moncrief at 828.485.4244. Due to the high volume of calls you MUST leave a detailed message, your call will be returned within 24 hours or by the next business day.

Success! Message received.

Application, Waiting List and Selection Information


The RHA has adopted clear policies and procedures for accepting applications, placing families on the waiting and selecting families from the waiting list. These procedures are followed in order to ensure all families have an equal opportunity to apply for and receive housing assistance. The procedures are outlined in the following three sections:


  1. The Application Process

    • Any family that wishes to receive assistance must apply for admission to the program. HUD requires all applicants to be placed on a waiting list.

    • The RHA uses a two-step process. First, those interested must apply for the waiting list. Your application is reviewed for general eligibility and your placement on the waiting list is determined by preferences, date and time of application submission. Secondly, when the family reaches the top of the waiting list, they are required to provide all the information necessary to determine eligibility.

    • Applications must be complete in order to be processed. If an application is incomplete, the RHA will notify the family and request additional information.

  2. Managing the Waiting List

    • The RHA uses one waiting list for all four counties in our jurisdiction. All applicants are placed on the same waiting list by their preferences and the date and time they apply.

    • While the family is on the waiting list, they must immediately inform the RHA of changes in contact information, including current residence, mailing address and phone number. These changes MUST be submitted in writing.

    • The waiting list will be updated as needed to ensure that all applicants and applicant information is current and timely. Periodically, requests will be sent asking families if they are still interested in waiting, those must be returned in a timely fashion to remain on the waiting list

  3. Selection for Housing Assistance

    • As vouchers become available, families are selected for assistance in the order in which they applied and by their preferences.

    • The RHA uses four (4) preferences for placing families on the waiting list. A point system is used to rank families who receive those preferences. Four (4) points are given to residents; three (3) points are given to families with a household member who is disabled, while two (2) points are given to veterans, widowers of veterans, or families with an active duty member, and one (1) point is given to homeless individuals.

    • When you are selected for housing assistance you will receive an application for admission by mail, it must be returned in a timely fashion to avoid being dropped from the waiting list.

    • After the family is determined eligible, based on their application, a briefing will be scheduled by mail. At the briefing, the family will receive a sixty (60) day voucher and they may begin searching for a rental unit.

    • Search for available housing -

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