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If you wish to rent to a Section 8 family you should inform Regional Housing Authority (RHA) staff of the availability of your property.


When an individual or family has been approved for Section 8 they will have a voucher from the RHA and a Request for Tenancy Approval packet. The voucher is proof that they are eligible for rental assistance.


It is the Section 8 family’s decision whether or not to rent your property. It is the landlord’s responsibility to screen the Section 8 family just as any other prospective tenant. 


The following steps summarize the process to become a Section 8 landlord:

  1. Inform RHA Staff that you have an available property

  2. Market your property once HCV participant is selected nchousingsearch

  3. Complete and submit a Request for Tenancy Approval (RFTA)

  4. Pass Housing Quality Standards (HQS) Inspection

  5. Execute lease and Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) contract

  6. Comply HUD and Section 8 rules and regulations by enforcing the lease

RHA Landlord Portal


The Regional Housing Authority would like to encourage all current landlords to use our new landlord portal ( Registering for an account allows you to check on your monthly payments. Contact Kelley Hayward at, if you have questions regarding how to register.



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If you have questions about the Section 8 Landlord process, please contact Kelley Hayward, by filling out the contact form below.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Do I need to be preapproved? (Steps to Assistance PDF)

No. There is not any pre-approval process. A Section 8 tenant will have a voucher and a  Request for Tenancy Approval (RFTA) Packet or “Landlord Packet.” If the landlord decides the applicant would be a suitable tenant, the packet must be completed and returned to our office.


How do I return the Landlord Packet?

A Section 8 tenant has a specific amount of time to return the packet to our offices, so please do not delay in returning the packet with all the forms completed. You may fax, scan or mail in the packet; you may also return it to the tenant and they can submit it to us. Once we receive the packet we will determine if the tenant can afford the property and our Housing Quality Standards Inspector will contact the landlord to schedule an inspection.


When do I get an inspection?

The inspector will contact the landlord within 15 business days from the day the packet was submitted to our office.


Does WPCOG Section 8 take care of screening tenants?

No. It is the landlord’s responsibility to screen the Section 8 family just as any other prospective tenant. 


How much will WPCOG pay?

There is no set amount for Housing Assistance Payments. Each participant’s amount is calculated based on the rent and utilities of the unit as well as the family’s composition and income.


Can a Section 8 tenant rent a larger unit size than stated on the voucher?

Yes, however the unit must be determined affordable to the tenant by HUD standards.


What happens if the tenant is violating the terms of the lease?

Landlords are responsible for enforcing their lease. Landlords are also responsible for notifying Section 8, in writing, of any lease violations, evictions, or notices given to the tenant.  


When can a tenant move in to the unit?

Section 8 assistance will begin when the unit passes inspection, the tenant signs a lease, and receives a key. If a tenant is already living in the unit, then the payment can be prorated to the date the unit passes inspection.

Am I allowed to raise the rent amount on this unit? (Rent Comparable PDF)
Yes, you can request a rent increase. Notify your tenant in writing of the rent increase amount and the effective date of the increase. The notice must be given 60 days prior to the effective date. Submit a copy of that notice to the Regional Housing Authority along with the completed Rent Comparable sheet.

My tenant would like to amend his or her lease to add another adult. Can they do that? (Amendment to Lease PDF)
Yes, a tenant can add another adult to their household with your permission. If you are willing to allow the tenant to add to their household, please notify us in writing of your approval and the tenant’s name.

I bought or sold a property that has a Section 8 tenant currently living in it. What do I do now? (W9 PDF | Direct Deposit Form PDF)
Please notify the RHA in writing that you are the current owner. We will need verification from the closing company (lawyer, bank or previous owner). We will need a W-9 and direct deposit form, if you do not already have one of file with us. 



For other landlord information contact Kelley Hayward or by phone at 828.485.4252.

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