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Metropolitan Planning Organizations

2022 Federal Certification Review

The Greater Hickory Metropolitan Planning Organization (GHMPO) is the federally designated transportation planning agency for Alexander, Burke, Caldwell, and Catawba counties. GHMPO is responsible for the allocation of federal transportation funds and ensuring funds are spent in accordance with federal policy.


The Federal Highway (FHWA) and Transit (FTA) Administrations regularly perform a joint review to certify the planning practices of Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO). The following survey is part of the certification review process managed by FHWA and FTA. We want to hear your about your involvement in regional transportation planning. This survey should take five to seven minutes. Thank you for making your voice heard!


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Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO) are part of a federal process to conduct local transportation planning in urbanized areas. The federal government requires urbanized areas to establish a planning process that is Comprehensive, Continuing, and Cooperative (the three Cs of transportation planning). The MPO process is required in urbanized areas over 50,000 in population in order to receive federal funding for transportation.


The MPO process is a partnership between local and state government to make decisions about transportation planning in urbanized areas and to meet planning requirements established by federal authorizing legislation for transportation funding.


The Greater Hickory Metropolitan Planning Organization serves the transportation needs for all 28 local governments in Alexander, Burke, Caldwell and Catawba Counties.


MPO Meeting Dates

Agendas and Documents for upcoming MPO meetings are available one week prior to the meeting. All meeting dates are subject to change.


Meeting Times

  • Technical Coordinating Committee (TCC) Meets at 1:00 PM and the Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) 2:30 PM


TAC & TCC Meeting Schedule​


Agenda Packets

Public Meetings

  • Newly Released Items for Public Comment - See above PDF agenda packets for items recently released by the TAC for public comment.  You may also email comments to

MPO TAC State Ethics Requirements

TAC Abstention

Public Notice - FYI 2022 Transit Projects for GHMPO

Transit Projects Spreadsheet:


Per 23 USC 134(j)(7)(B) and 23 CFR 450.334, all transit projects included in the State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) must be posted, not just those utilizing STI funds. The attached spreadsheet identifies transit grant agreements for projects within GHMPO counties that were executed during the 2022 Federal fiscal year. This list includes every project within the counties that are wholly or partially within the GHMPO planning area.


Public Notice - FY2022 Federal Funded Highway Projects

Highway Projects Spreadsheet:


Pursuant to 23 USC 134(j)(7)(B) and 23 CFR 450.334, "An annual listing of projects for which Federal funds have been obligated in the preceding year shall be published or otherwise made available by the metropolitan planning organization for public review." Strategic Transportation Investment (STI) authorizations within GHMPO counties that occurred during the 2022 Federal fiscal year are shown in the attached spreadsheet. STI authorizations using solely state funds are also included for your information.


The list in the spreadsheet identifies the project number, date of the authorization, type of work, amount of work and whether funding is state or federal. Please note that in the case of projects not tagged as being specifically GHMPO projects, these are included based on County / Division wide / Statewide and may be partially or completely outside the GHMPO planning area. There were some instances where all of the funds that were previously authorized were not needed. In these cases, a portion of the funding authorization was removed and this negative value is denoted by parentheses.

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