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Robox Sumo Highlights - Pumpkin Center Fifth Grade Class

Melissa Park of Pumpkin Center Elementary School of Lincoln County is increasing over 100 student’s interest in robotics and engineering through Robox Sumo competitions. After attending a one-day training this summer with STEM West and the Western Piedmont Council of Governments (WPCOG), Ms. Park has developed a school program for 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders. Using the materials from the workshop, she works with twenty students each month. For three Thursday afternoons, they plan, build, and compete with their robots made of cardboard, glue guns, and affordable electronic parts. During the competition, two robots work to push each other out of the 5’ X 5’ square. Visit her website (Mrs. Park's Fifth Grade Website) to see the excitement and students’ work. Ms. Park is now planning to scale the program next year to continue the after school program with more advanced challenges and integration into her 5th grade science classroom.


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