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Point to the Passer - Supporting NC Caregivers

Last week a unique marketing campaign to support the caregivers in North Carolina was launched.

The campaign, “Point to the Passer” was launched in partnership between the Friends of the Program (the group licensing group for the University of North Carolina’s basketball players) and Trualta. The campaign, hosted on Instagram, is connecting caregivers to learn the North Carolina Caregiver Portal.

Like so many of us in the aging/caregiving space, supporting caregivers is also very important to many of the UNC men’s basketball players. The campaign is launching as part of their way to honor the life and memory of their team mother, Linda “Mama” Woods. “Mama” is the former executive assistant to Tar Heel head coaches Dean Smith and Bill Guthridge. For over 38 years, “Mama” assisted the UNC’s men’s basketball program, its coaches, and student-athletes. She embodied the Tar Heel’s commitment to selflessness and caring for others, which is why at UNC, pointing to a player who made a pass that leads to a basket is celebrated.

Here is one of the news segments about the “Point to the Passer” campaign:

To sign up with the North Carolina Caregiver Portal, here is the link and easy to follow instructions for signing up:


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