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WFD Policy Statements


WIOA Provider Financial Calendar

Workforce Policies, such as Policy Statements are also documented and updated by the WPWDB for the Western Piedmont Local Area Service Providers. These Issuances are used by Western Piedmont Workforce Development Professionals.


Approval of Additional Training Providers-Programs (05-18-20)

Childcare Policy (09-01-18, Effective through 06-29-20)

Childcare Policy (Effective on 06-30-20)

Conflict of Interest Policy (01-08-18, Effective through 06-29-20)

Conflict of Interest Policy (Effective on 06-30-20)
Costly Occupational Training  (10-22-19)

Emergency Assistance Funds  (05-09-18)
Exit Procedures Policy  (10-11-19)

Family Size/Family Income Policy (08-21-17)
Financial Management Policy for Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Title I (01-25-19)

Financial Reports Policy (11-4-19)
Finish Line Grant - Needs Related Payment Policy (02/12/20)

Incident Reporting Process (08-24-15)

Individual Training Account Scholarship Requirements, Expectations and Guidelines (07-01-19, Effective Through 06-29-20)

Individual Training Account Scholarship Requirements, Expectations and Guidelines (Effective 06-30-20)
Local Area Policies – Procedures  (07-01-15)

NCWorks Career Center Quality Assurance Review Process & Instructions Policy (05-18-20)

Non-Expendable Property Policy  (10-11-19)
Occupational Trainings, Individual Training Accounts and Cost Tracking Process (01-01-20)

Pre-Training Requirements for Referral to an Approved Truck Driver Training Program (11-06-19)

Profit Calculator Policy (07-01-19)

Program Monitoring (01-01-19, Effective through 06-29-20)

Program Monitoring (Effective on 06-30-20)
Priority of Service for Veterans and Spouses (04-20-17, Effective through 06-29-20)

Priority of Service for Veterans and Spouses (Effective on 06-30-20)
Priority of Service for WIOA Adult Funds (04-27-18, Effective through 6-29-20)

Priority of Service for WIOA Adult Funds (Effective on 6-30-20)
Procurement and Contracting Policy  (04-13-18, Effective through 06-29-20)

Procurement and Contracting Policy  (Effective on 06-30-20)
Requires Additional Assistance for Youth Eligibility (10-04-18)

Requirements and Process for Awarding WIOA Scholarships Policy (11-06-19)
Selective Service Registration Requirements for WIOA  (12-08-15)

Self-Attestation Policy (05-18-20)

Tools of Trade Policy (10-11-19)
Upskill Western Piedmont (Employee Training Grant) Policy (06-01-20)

WIOA and Wagner-Peyser Employment Act Participant Eligibility reference Guide Policy (05-05-20)

WIOA Funds and Pell Grants Policy (10-30-19)

WIOA Nondiscrimination-Equal Opportunity Standards and Complaint Procedures (09-05-18, Effective through 06-29-20)

WIOA Nondiscrimination-Equal Opportunity Standards and Complaint Procedures (Effective 06-30-20)

Youth Incentive Policy (05-18-20)

Youth Transportation Payment Policy (01-01-20, Effective through 06-29-20)

Youth Transportation Payment Policy (Effective on 06-30-20)

Youth Work Experience Policy (05-18-20)

WIOA Provider Financial Calendar 2019 -

Career Center Resources

WFD Bulletins

The Western Piedmont Council of Governments shall serve all local government members in Alexander, Burke, Caldwell and Catawba Counties with professional, cost-effective assistance on a variety of local, regional, state and federal issues and programs.

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This institution does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age or disability in employment or the provision of services. Auxiliary aids and services for individuals with disabilities are available upon request. This institution is an equal opportunity provider.