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WFD Policy Statements


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Workforce Policies, such as Policy Statements are also documented and updated by the WPWDB for the Western Piedmont Local Area Service Providers. These Issuances are used by Western Piedmont Workforce Development Professionals.

Conflict of Interest Policy (06/30/20)

Defining Data Validation Process and Procedures (06/11/21)

Electronic File Storage and Protecting Personally Identifiable Information Policy (06/11/21)

Eligible Training Provider Guidelines Policy (04/26/21)
Exit Procedures Policy  (10/11/19)

Family Size/Family Income Policy (08/21/17)
Financial Management Policy for Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Title I (01/25/19)

Financial Monitoring Policy (06/14/21)

Financial Reports Policy (07/01/20)
Finish Line Grant - Needs Related Payment Policy (02/12/20)

Incident Reporting Process (02/05/21)

Individual Training Account Scholarship Requirements, Expectations and Guidelines (07/29/20)

NEXTGen Incentive Policy (Effective 07/01/20)
Non-Expendable Property Policy  (07/09/21)

Occupational Trainings, Individual Training Accounts and Cost Tracking Process (08/16/21)

One-Stop Operator Monitoring Policy (04/14/21)
Pre-Training Requirements for Referral to an Approved Truck Driver Training Program (11/06/19)

Priority of Service for Veterans and Eligible Spouses (07/14/21)

Priority of Service for WIOA Adult Funds (07/01/21)

Procurement and Contracting Policy  (06/30/20)

Profit Calculator Policy (07/01/19)

Program Monitoring (01/22/21)
Requires Additional Assistance for Youth Eligibility (06/01/21)

Requirements and Process for Awarding WIOA Scholarships Policy (11/06/19)
Selective Service Registration Requirements for WIOA  (12/08/15)

Self-Attestation Policy (09/03/21)

Tools of Trade Policy (08/27/21)

Upskill Western Piedmont (Employee Training Grant) Policy (09/08/21)

Western Piedmont Workforce Development Area Policies/Procedures (2/5/21)

WIOA and Wagner Peyser Employment Act Eligibility Reference Guide Policy (04/29/21)

WIOA Title I Adult and Dislocated Worker Support Services Policy (07/01/21)

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Funds and Pell Grants Policy (06/04/21)

WIOA Nondiscrimination-Equal Opportunity Standards and Complaint Procedures (08/30/21)

WIOA Title I NEXTGEN Support Services Policy (07/1/21)

Youth Work Experience Policy (05/18/20)

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